Monday, October 8, 2007

Speed up your SQL Server 2005 Books Online

Microsoft did a very literal translation of the term Books Online with SQL Server 2005. Books Online happens to be the help file for SQL Server. In SQL Server 2005 (and now with SQL Server "Katmai"), Books Online has the capability to go "online" and look for related searches on the Internet, MSDN Online, community websites like CodeZone, etc. A lot of users find it annoying that it takes ages to load a search result in Books Online. This is because the default configuration is that it will search for the results in the local version, then, it will go online and grab the results from the online sources configured. The make Books Online respond a bit faster to searches, configure it not to go online at all (Google still offers faster search results, after all). Open SQL Server Books Online, go to the Tools menu then select Options. When the Options window appears, select the Online option under the Help node. On the When Loading Help content section, select the Try local only, not online option. This will return search results from the local copy of Books Online (and make the searches a bit faster). Try it out and see what happens


Web Diva said...

I am looking for a SQL Admin to access via web that has all the bells and whistles without a cost. Any suggestions?

bassplayer said...

There is this product called ASP Enterprise Manager which you can download from

But be careful as publishing this on your web server opens up a couple of security loopholes. Just be very careful. And thanks for reading my blog