Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exploring Database Backup Compression in SQL Server 2008

Database backup size is always an issue in very large databases. Which is why we plan our backup and restore procedures properly to include either differential and filegroup backups. Most of the times, we use backup compression tools like LiteSpeed for SQL Server from Quest or SQL Backup from RedGate. SQL Server 2008 has a built-in compression engine for you to compress your database backups. I have written an article about this feature in and created a video at

Monday, June 2, 2008

So, you think your secured, patched and updated servers are secure?

So, we patch our servers, subject them to numerous security scans, implement security best practices and expect them to be secured? That's ridiculous.

I have been trying to convince developers how a functional application can be vulnerable if they do not implement security best practices in writing codes. I come from a developer background as well and with tight and unreasonable deadlines, developers are only concerned with functionality and nothing more. But with the increasing incidents of websites being defaced because of SQL injection attacks, there's no doubt that as long as applications are running on servers, there will always be security vulnerabilities. SQL injections attacks are no respecter of platforms nor database engines. So better have a look at your application codes.

A Microsoft blog post on SQL injection attack is available here.